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High performance and efficiency for greater energy savings

Our cookers are designed to improve the tuna cooking process, maintaining optimum humidity conditions inside the cooker at all times and allowing a reduction of the cooling time. Thanks to the total absence of contact with outside air, oxidation of the fish is avoided, resulting in higher product quality and overall process yield.

Process characteristics

The cooking temperature is programmable at low pressure so that we can adapt the cooking process to the characteristics of the fish. In this way, we achieve a homogeneous and high quality final product. The control system, used by Teinco in its cookers, is characterized by its high simplicity of use and efficiency, allowing us to achieve high process yields and energy savings.


High product yield

Thanks to the technologies and innovations applied to our cookers, we are able to optimize yields and process times.  In addition, we manage to reduce both the time spent in the cleaning phase and the wear of the product. Our microcontroller allows the programming of optimized curves for each product, providing enough flexibility to implement improvements in the process focused on the overall energy saving of the system.