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Efficiency and performance during sterilization

The new generation of Steribru® autoclaves allows us to obtain high performance and productivity while ensuring process reliability.

Our retorts have been developed by thermal process specialists who have applied all their knowledge in the design of an equipment that guarantees the delivery of the thermal process to the product and achieves optimal results.


Throughout our manufacturing process we use the best materials and instrumentation, which allows us to obtain high quality finishes and ensure a great performance of the equipment. In addition, thanks to the optimizations we apply in the control system, we achieve a great homogeneity in the temperature distribution, which results in an increase in the quality of the final product.

Autoclave Calidad



We can adapt to the customer's needs by studying and implementing design modifications that can add value to our customers. Our equipment is very versatile and allows us to cover any need you may have.

Autoclave laboratorio


Laboratory Equipment


Within our catalog we have laboratory retorts that allow our customers to accurately design their thermal processes.

Thanks to this equipment it is possible to carry out process simulations by making changes in the time-temperature conditions that allow us to perform the analysis and evaluate in a simple, fast and effective way which is the most convenient process.


Our technical assistance and support service allows us to provide the best service to our customers, in order to ensure that their production processes are not affected by unexpected failures.