Customized Projects

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Customized Projects

For companies that know what they want, Teinco makes their projects a reality.

Backed by more than 25 years of technical experience among our technical staff, we have successfully led ambitious projects of automation, management and construction of machinery for the canning sector.

Optimize your production processes with capacities adapted to your needs.

Maximize the profitability of your investment. Reduce unnecessary consumption and costs due to an inadequate calculation of your production capacity. With a catalog of retorts with capacities from 50 to 35000 containers that reflect our continuous obsession; to achieve the best homogenization of temperatures so that you achieve the highest performance in your process.

Convert your old retorts and cookers into competitive, state-of-the-art machinery.

Compete with an advantage with products processed in retorts and cookers that give you better performance. We rebuild your stainless steel machinery so that the passage of time is not a hindrance.

For your diverse range of products and packaging types, get a combination of operating modes on the same machine.

Among our projects, from basic operation retorts; steam, steam-air, spray, cascade, flooding. To the realization of retorts of great versatility.


Manage your process information in a protected, clear and useful way.

Implement in your cooking and sterilization area supervision and control systems developed by Teinco, the company that knows your needs. Approved registration of process variables, event control, users, alarms, supply registration and other information that will help you in an orderly manner;

  • Maintain a rigorous control of your processes.
  • Obtain an adequate record for its control and justification.
  • Analysis and prevention of process deviations due to supply failures.
  • Control and prevention of inadequate handling.
  • Preventive maintenance management.

We have worked with many companies over the last 25 years for which we have manufactured retorts and customized equipment. These adaptations require an advisory service from the very beginning and permanent support.